Itembase is the online shopping manager you always wanted!

September 9, 2013 0
<!--:en-->Itembase is the online shopping manager you always wanted!<!--:-->

Here is a question for you; Do you have all of your receipts and guarantees of your purchases say, done in last 2 years? Do you know the value of most of your stuff?

Itembase can help you with all that and little bit more!

Never heard of it before? Well you are now, because Itembase is making some serious waves in the European startup scene and was one of the finalists of TheNextWeb’s Startup rally. Yeah, that’s pretty impressive, trust me.


Itembase is an online shopping manager that keeps track of what you buy, in an online data base. It saves your receipts, guarantees, insurances and also offers a value calculation of all your stuff. Sweet!

What’s even sweeter, is that it helps you resell that stuff with minimum effort via eBay or similar platforms in your region!

Also, it will store your product manuals so that when you are confused on how that Robot3000 of yours works, you can quickly find it from your Itembase and learn how to tell that Robot to make you a freaking muffin, now! So, this startup can be your personal inventory manager, keeping track of all your tangible stuff. Cool, ha?


Founded in 2011 by Per Meurling (Swedish), Stefan Jorgensen (Danish) and Ramo Karahasan (German). So far they report having over 100,000 users. I am sure we get to update this part when they will update theirs.


Here is the interesting part. There are three ways how it gets hold of the details of your stuff, 1st is to provide it with access to your Gmail account where itembase will extract anything that has been purchased and scan it to the its data base (they assure its 100% safe), 2nd is to manually insert the items and the 3rd option is to use Itembase’s email in your future purchases. We like them all to be honest and the innovation here is that they somehow are able to track your purchases with the email address they provide you.

Really cool thing is when you eventually start using Itembase more often and when some of your items get older. Their system will inform the user of the items age  and provide an automatic assessment which suggest to you new upgrades or similar newer products from their partner networks or merchants! This way they make you and the affiliates happy. Genius!

Signing up is fairly easy and very pleasant indeed. The system will ask you to list few of your existing items and then it will give you an instant value estimate, which really works! Next step is to decide if you want the Itembase to access your Gmail address, which is pretty damn daunting (but super useful), but you have the option of adding them yourself or skipping it entirely.

You can then connect it to your eBay account, which is awesome, as you can sell your stuff quickly and effortlessly directly, with better pricing thanks to the guarantees and other stuff that Itembase keeps for you. Start getting the benefits?

The dashboard is simple to use and offers great variety of options. The colour scheme of the users profile works in harmony with the entire website and most importantly, their tips on how to use it are not annoying but really useful.


Because we gots too much shit lying around boy! Seriously, if you look around your mancave/ladyroom right now, I bet you can name over 100 different items of which you have no idea what they are worth, where the hell their guarantee or receipts are and how to sell them on effectively. Its  annoying to go about selling second hand stuff in a fleemarket which is why Itembase solves that annoying problem for you.

Itembase wants to be your inventory for all things. Quite smart concept to be honest. Now, Itembase is nothing new, companies such as Trail Systems have been providing tangible asset management to companies for several years now and there are certainly other companies that have or are doing something similar, but we don’t know another service in Europe that concentrates on providing item inventory management for the consumers as well as organizations, with the ease of reselling them on ecommerce websites. This is very valuable combination.


Hey, we not gonna hide it: Itembase is very cool!

We like the problem its solving and how they are approaching it. It is still in the early stage, as we noticed that some of the product descriptions are only in German, but we are sure that will be fixed fairly quick. They don’t have an iPhone or Android app for it yet, but they are working on it and then Itembase will really explode on to the mainstream!

Watch out for this one folks!

As the saying goes: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, well Itembase will help you to sort that trash out and sell it as a treasure!

They are growing constantly and currently hiring for multiple positions! Check out their job posts here


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